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Hey, you. Welcome to it. 

My name is Tessa Fay Thompson and I am a senior at the University of Georgia. I am studying Fashion Merchandising with an emphasis in Product Development and Design, as well as a minor in Communication Studies. (Disclaimer: I made this website for a class assignment so bear with me, okay?) In my 21 years, there are many things I have fallen in and out of love with. Fashion, art, and design... still here for it, baby. I am a firm believer that personal style is used to say who we are without really having to say anything at all. My goal is to inspire others with a multifaceted design and styling approach.


Over the last few years, I have expanded my knowledge of the fashion industry through various internships from Atlanta, Georgia to Santorini, Greece. I have acquired design, styling, retail, and public relations experience by working with brands such as Gypsy + Magnolia and Tibi, as well as expanding my own personal freelance design portfolio. I look forward to sharing my personal journey navigating my way through the ever-evolving world of fashion and I hope you enjoy the ride.


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