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Meet Tessa Thompson, the owner and designer behind Tessa Fay.


Tessa Fay is an American independent designer brand that specializes in handmade clothing for the feminine eclectic. Founded in 2020 and sourced from vintage and deadstock upholstery & drapery fabrics, each garment is sustainably handmade by Tessa Thompson in her Atlanta, GA based studio. Tessa attributes most of her dress-making knowledge to her grandmother, Fay, who likely hand-sewed the hem of your favorite Tessa Fay dress. The southern grandmother-granddaughter duo ensure unique feminine & timeless styles, impeccable quality & craftsmanship, and clothing pieces guaranteed to give you butterflies and make you dance in your bathroom mirror.

"I want to make clothing that gives people butterflies and makes them dance in their bathroom mirror."               

Be sure to check out her latest collection at Wolf & Badger and keep up with her latest works on Instagram & Facebook at @studio.tessafay!


Photo by Valheria Rochas @valheria123

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